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Travel through the heart of Namibia

Are you ready to dive into an exhilarating journey through the heart of Namibia? Look no further – I'm here to share an electrifying tale of our incredible 3-week escapade across this mesmerizing country. Brace yourself for breath-taking landscapes, jaw-dropping encounters with wildlife, and the perfect companion on this expedition – the iconic vehicles from Maverick Rentals.

Unveiling Windhoek's Cultural Marvels. The Journey Begins Our odyssey commenced in the vibrant capital of Namibia, Windhoek, a city that effortlessly marries cultural richness with urban allure. For the first two days, we found solace at the charming Capbon Guesthouse. Nestled just a stone's throw from the city centre, this haven was an ideal starting point for our adventure. The thrill of the open road beckoned, and we set forth in two robust cars, including a stellar choice from Maverick Rentals. The journey southwards led us to Bagatelle, a hidden gem near Mariental.

· Distance from Windhoek to Bagatelle; 261 km

· How long to drive; 2hrs 51min (via B1)

· Cost for two adults, two nights; about 50 € with breakfast

Bagatelle: Where Safari Dreams Come True. As the kilometres rolled by, we were greeted by Namibia's sprawling landscapes – an awe-inspiring prelude to what lay ahead. Bagatelle, a haven for game enthusiasts, greeted us with warm hospitality and stunning vistas. Our senses were delighted with delectable cuisine and impeccable amenities, including a pristine pool. We had the privilege of dining with the owner of the place (Angela) who was extremely accommodating, service oriented and welcoming. Priced at around 300 € per night for two adults, the experience was worth every penny. The most remarkable feature? Safari tours that left us spellbound, especially the heart-stirring sunset drinks amidst nature's grandeur. Bagatelle Game Ranch's cheetah sanctuary was a testament to their commitment to wildlife, leaving us humbled by their conservation efforts.

· Distance from Bagatelle to Sossusvlei; 369km

· How long to drive; 4hrs 22min (via C19)

· Price per night (two adults); about 300 € luxury stay

Conquering Dune 45: A Red Sands Adventure. Summoning our inner adventurers, we journeyed onward to the iconic Dune 45 in Sossusvlei. A rendezvous with this colossal sand dune was a testament to nature's artistry. Thanks to Maverick Rentals' rugged Hilux, navigating the terrain was a breeze, and the 4x4 prowess was our passport to this unforgettable experience. The golden sunrise from atop Dune 45 was a masterpiece in motion, a spectacle painted in shades of wonder. Our campsite cocooned us in comfort, with private bathroom

and a dedicated barbecue area – the perfect respite after a day of exploration.

· Distance from Sossusvlei to Erindi; 527km

· How long to drive; 6hrs 40min

· Price about 100 for 2 nights per car with 4 persons camping

Erindi Game lodge: A Symphony of Wildlife and Luxury. Erindi, a paradise for both wildlife and nature enthusiasts, welcomed us with open arms. Imagine waking up to elephants and rhinos sipping from nearby waterholes – a symphony of nature right outside our room. Maverick Rentals' trusty companion ensured a smooth journey to this haven. The safari tours offered unparalleled encounters with the Big 5, set against Erindi's pristine landscapes. Beyond the safaris, the lodge's expansive deck overlooking a waterhole and the inviting pools made for rejuvenating respites.

· Distance from Sossusvlei to Erindi: 527km

· Cost per night at Erindi, see website

Swakopmund: Where Adventures Meet the Coast. A change of scenery led us to Swakopmund, a coastal town reminiscent of European charm. Revving up our adventure factor, we took on quad-biking through the dunes and caught the waves with Surf Guide Namibia. And speaking of waves, the culinary scene washed over us with delights, particularly at Brewer & Butcher. Our Airbnb haven, complete with a sauna and spacious rooms, elevated our coastal escapade.

· Distance from Erindi to Swakopmund: 284km

· How long to drive; 3hrs 25min (via B2)

· Cost per night for Airbnb in Swakopmund: Airbnb link

Capping the Adventure in Windhoek Our journey culminated back in Windhoek, but not before a flourish of flavours at Cape Town Fish Market ( Amidst bustling markets, the Namibia Craft Centre charmed us with local treasures perfect for souvenirs.

· Distance from Swakopmund to Windhoek: 360km

· How long to drive; 3hrs 50min (via B2)

Maverick Rentals: The Ultimate Travel Companion: Central to our epic journey was Maverick Rentals' fleet. From traversing rough terrains to conquering dunes, their cars provided not just transportation, but a sense of security and confidence. The extra suspension and height were saviours on rugged paths, making our adventure possible. It is great to have a powerful 3.0 engine to have the needed pull and power! The rooftop tents comfortably accommodated us, complete with ample storage space. Maverick Rentals truly transformed our journey into an odyssey of resilience and excitement.

Seize Your Namibian Odyssey with Maverick Rentals: As you set your sights on Namibia's vast expanse, let Maverick Rentals be your guide to an unparalleled adventure. From pristine landscapes to unforgettable wildlife encounters, every moment is a testament to the extraordinary. Choose Maverick Rentals – because every journey deserves an exceptional companion."

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