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Experience the most exciting 14 Day Namibia Adventure as a round trip

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Day 1: Windhoek

Start your Namibian adventure in Windhoek, the capital city, where you'll stay one night. Take a stroll through the city center and explore landmarks like Christuskirche, Tintenpalast (Parliament Building), and the Independence Memorial Museum. Windhoek offers a mix of modern and historical charm. Drive Time: Approximately 45 min from the airpport.

Day 2-4: Swakopmund

Head to the coastal town of Swakopmund, known for its unique blend of German colonial architecture and stunning Atlantic Ocean views. Enjoy three nights here, giving you time to explore the desert-adorned landscapes, enjoy adventurous activities like sandboarding, quad biking, and take a memorable dolphin-watching tour. Drive Time: Approximately 4-5 hours, with scenic views along the way.

Day 5-6: Mowani

Journey up the Skeleton Coast to the unique luxury camp, Mowani Mountain Camp, where you'll stay for two nights. This area is famous for its dramatic rock formations, and you'll have the opportunity to visit the ancient rock engravings at Twyfelfontein and explore the surrounding desert landscapes. Drive Time: Approximately 5-6 hours, with plenty of fascinating sights en route.

Day 7-8: Etosha National Park

Drive to Etosha National Park and stay at Mokuti Etosha Lodge for two nights. Etosha is one of Africa's premier wildlife parks, offering incredible game viewing opportunities. Keep your camera ready for sightings of elephants, lions, zebras, and more around the waterholes. Drive Time: Approximately 4-5 hours, with the anticipation of spotting wildlife along the way.

Day 9-11: Erindi

Private Game Reserve Travel to Erindi Private Game Reserve for a luxurious three-night stay. Erindi offers a diverse range of wildlife experiences, from game drives to boat safaris, and even walking safaris. Immerse yourself in the African wilderness and enjoy the comforts of a top-notch lodge. Drive Time: Approximately 3-4 hours, with anticipation building as you approach the reserve.

Day 12: Omaruru

On your way back to Windhoek, stop at Omaruru for a night of wine tasting. This charming town is known for its wineries, art galleries, and relaxed atmosphere, providing a perfect end to your Namibian journey. Drive Time: Approximately 2-3 hours, with a leisurely drive through picturesque landscapes.

Day 13: Windhoek

Return to Windhoek for your last night, reflecting on the incredible landscapes, wildlife, and experiences you've enjoyed during your Namibian adventure. Drive Time: Approximately 2-3 hours, a comfortable drive to conclude your trip.

This itinerary offers a fantastic blend of landscapes, wildlife, adventure, and relaxation, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Namibia. Be sure to plan your accommodations and activities in advance to make the most of your journey.

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